Master your table tennis skills

with Coach Aabid




“I have been taking table tennis lessons from Coach Aabid for over 2 years. With Coach Aabid’s guidance I have gone from a trial-and-error learner to one that knows the proper stroke techniques for a wide variety of table tennis shots. I have also learned other important aspects of the sport, such as not hurrying my shots and relaxing during the rallies to reduce my unforced errors. I would highly recommend Coach Aabid to correct your stroke techniques, improve your serve and serve reception as well as your mental approach to the sport of table tennis.”

— William Swift, New Hampshire


“I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Aabid. He has helped me develop consistent and powerful shots, a much better serve, and to think about tactics in a game. My game has been transformed and I have improved a lot because of his coaching. He has made me aware of the emotional component of competition and the importance of being calm and relaxed in games. He is a wonderful teacher, always encouraging and supportive.”

— Brian Walt, Martha's Vineyard